Company Profile

Keffett International Investment Co., Ltd. grew from the Keffett Group Co., Ltd. registered with the Administration of Industry and Commerce in 1995. On February 19, 2014, the company registered with the British Columbia Provincial Government in Canada according to the Canada Company Act.

Out predecessor, namely the Keffett Group Co., Ltd. had specialized in health & fitness, dance, weight loss, transnational investment, immigration, overseas study, and more.

Keffett International Investment Co., Ltd. specializes in handling transnational investment (providing investment channels for those seeking projects), services for those wishing to immigrate to Canada or study in Canada, as well as assisting new immigrants with settling in Canada and re-development services.

Keffett International Investment Co., Ltd. boasts strong professional consultants and lawyers who specialize in immigration and business in Canada. It implements internal market-oriented legal management. The company manages all business flows and business processes as well as HR management systems, providing procedures and guidelines that ensure automatic positive operation mechanisms. We offer honest and rigorous advice, under the service concept of integrity and accuracy, prioritizing quality, efficiency, integrity, our clients, our service, and the success of our clients. The company always has the client's best interest in mind and maintains a high success rate based on its highly professional level of consultants and lawyers.

Li Yajuan, the founder of Keffett International Investment Co., Ltd. and Keffett Group Co., Ltd. studied traditional Chinese medicine, cosmetics, makeup, and other subjects from an early age. In 1998, she graduated with a marketing major from the Liaoning Province Cadre Management College. In 2004 she gained a degree in traditional Chinese medicine from the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine College of Further Education. Since the age of 12, she has been self-employed while attending school. She created handicrafts and sold them in the market with others and promoted dusters made from factory offcuts. She worked in a beauty salon, a photo studio, worked as a lead calisthenics dancer and as a physical training instructor in a gym. She has won many awards for her makeup skills; as manager of the Liaoyang Wella Beauty School she became acquainted with many celebrities in the film and television circles.

With her personal skills and the deep friendships she has developed over the years, she has successfully handled Canadian immigration applications for many A-list stars. Li Yajuan places great importance on protecting the privacy of celebrities and has won the trust of many stars. She founded Keffett Group Co., Ltd. in 1995 and registered Keffett International Investment Co., Ltd. in February 2014.

Keffett, with its 19-year history of service and development, has won the trust of many clients through its dedicated and professional services. Today, Keffett is still committed to achieve the best for its clients and continues to be the top performer in its field.